Specialty Minerals for a Wide range of Applications

AMCOL Specialty Minerals is devoted to the development and supply of the highest quality products, specifically tailored for European markets, and has built a reputation for outstanding customer service.

Following the AMCOL International Corp. emphasis on expertise in research and development, and excellence and accuracy in processing technology, coupled with our unmatched mineral reserves, has enabled us to become the world's largest producer of smectite clays, specifically, sodium and calcium montmorillonites (bentonites), hectorites and magnesium aluminum silicates.

AMCOL Specialty Minerals sources, mines and processes smectite clay, both hydro classified and dry processed, for use in Ceramics, Oil Drilling Formulations, Industrial Wastewater Treatment, Paints & Coatings, Wine and Juice clarification, Foundries, and speciality household and consumer applications.

The most common members of the smectite mineral group are hectorite and montmorillonite. The clay products are useful in gelling, binding, thickening, stabilizing, plasticizing, coagulating, emulsifying, absorbing and controlling rheology.

Clay products used in foundries act as a binder and cushioning agent in greensand moulds.

Our bentonites and hectorites are used widely in a variety of speciality industrial and consumer formulations. The clays increase viscosity, stabilize emulsions and modify the consistency and feel of products. This range of products also produces excellent suspending and dispersing properties. The clays change the rheological properties of the formulations, providing a smoother texture and excellent application properties due to their thixotropic characteristics.

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